funktel FM Repeater

ISM band repeater to increase range in areas without GSM coverage

In workplaces without GSM coverage, such as basements, tunnels, shafts, etc., emergency calls that are made by an FM6 personal emergency signal device that has triggered an alarm are forwarded by a separate radio module.

When operating in Repeater mode, the FM Repeater provides the option of relaying an alarm that has been triggered to a Gateway or a Wallbox via direct or indirect paths (cascaded repeaters). This also enables alarm notifications to be forwarded to places in which there is no mobile radio coverage. Received ISM alarms are relayed on the protected ISM band at maximum transmitter power

In addition, the FM Repeater is equipped with a beacon function (localisation) and transmits an identifier at intervals of seconds. As soon as one of the GSM personal emergency signal devices is within range, it stores the identifier and forwards this together with the emergency call message to the alarm control centre in the event of an emergency. The location of the incident/accident is indicated and is forwarded to the rescue services by means of a plain text message.


  • Alarms that are received are relayed at maximum transmitter power
  • Cascadable for large installations
  • Autonomous infrastructure for alarm forwarding without a mobile phone network
  • Integrated beacon function (localisation beacon)
  • Power supplied by 230 V plug-in power supply
  • Can be parameterised by means of an FM service stick