funktel FM Gateway

ISM band alarm forwarding

If an emergency signal is detected on the ISM band within the reception range, a configurable relay output is available on the funktel FM Switch. This enables alarms to be reported centrally via a two-wire connection (I/O interfaces) or for lamps, sirens or other signalling devices to be connected for the purpose of signalling alarms. Alternatively, transmission can take place via a LAN interface using HTTP protocol


  • Built-in ISM transceiver (no voice!)
  • Transmission of all alarm information (who/where/what)
  • Forwarding of ISM alarm telegrams via http
  • Built-in alarm relay (group message)
  • Built-in error-reporting relay
  • Input interface for relay control
  • Integrated ECO beacon function
  • Programmable via Ethernet (WebUI)
  • System detection in the case of adjacent installations