Robust and flexible TETRA base station

The TetraFlex Base Station is offered in collaboration with our Danish partner DAMM Cellular Systems A/S.  This System is the most user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective TETRA infrastructure system available. With its high reliability and unique design it is the ideal solution for mission critical communications.

The DAMM TetraFlex system is scalable and can handle from one site solutions with local coverage to large-scale multisite solutions,
using any combination of outdoor and indoor DAMM TetraFlex base stations. Together with the intelligent DAMM TetraFlex software, simple and smooth site expansion is possible, even while in operation.

The 100% IP-based technology provides full architectural network flexibility with all network components connected in a single state-of-the- art infrastructure without the need of a central switch.

Plug and play simplicity enables easy setup and fast deployment. With its IP65 protection the DAMM TetraFlex Outdoor Base Station is ideal for installation in harsh environments. A compact design enables direct mounting on antenna masts, buildings and towers, reducing feeder loss and installation costs considerably, while also providing an ideal solution for rapid, vehicle- based deployment.

Featuring full support for battery backup as well as redundant controllers, power supplies and carriers, DAMM TetraFlex meets your highest requirements on reliability. The intelligent distributed architecture replicates information to all sites in the network, avoiding any single point of failure.

DAMM TetraFlex is supplied with Application Gateways for easy access to the Application Programming Interface (API), Packet Data Gateways and Voice Gateways, allowing you straight forward development of customer- designed applications or integration to existing telephone systems and control room equipment.

The DAMM TetraFlex system is available with a wide range of application software such as Voice and Data Log System, Dispatcher, Group Bridge and a comprehensive Network Management tool including subscriber management and network performance statistics.


  • Full network flexibility
  • Easy to install-anywhere
  • Secure and failure tolerant
  • Unlimited application integration
  • Wide range of advanced software tools


Transmitter and Receiver

  • TX power at antenna connector: 0.5 W to 10 W TETRA remotely adjustable
  • RX sensitivity with diversity, static: -121 dBm
  • RX sensitivity without diversity, static: -11 8dBm
  • RX sensitivity with diversity, dynamic: -118 dBm
  • RX sensitivity without diversity, dynamic: -112 dBm
  • Receiver Diversity: Dual as standard
  • Built-in duplexer: Combines TX and RX to one antenna
  • Redundancy: Hot Stand-by
  • Synchronization: Internal or external with GPS

Antenna Connections

  • Antenna set-up: One antenna per carrier, minimum two antennas for diversity
  • GPS antenna: One GPS antenna per carrier. Active (+5 VDC) or passive