GPS Satellite Localisation

Multi-system satellite receivers are integrated in funktel devices

The satellites of the various GNSS systems (GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (Europe EU) and Beidou (People's Republic of China)) can determine the position in the field very precisely worldwide. In order to use this position data as positioning information, appropriate receivers for the satellite data in the mobile devices are required.

Funktel offers GNSS receivers in all its TETRA mobile devices of the FT4 and FT5 series. In combination with the Secury personal emergency signal system, GNSS positioning is combined with many other positioning and personal security functions and effectively integrated within an overall functionality. This system is certified as a personal emergency signal system according to the regulations of DGUV 112-139 in accordance with DIN V VDE V 0825-1.

The TETRA mobile devices also support the TETRA-LIP standard, which enables GNSS position data to be transmitted to a LIP dispatcher (a PC workstation with a LIP dispatcher program). These transmissions can be done automatically according to various criteria (e.g. time or distance controlled, with emergency call if the battery becomes weak and many others). A LIP dispatcher can in turn query the position of a mobile device.
Using the radio's own "TETRA-based aGPS function", the waiting time for position determination after leaving a building can be significantly reduced, so that the mobile devices quickly have valid position data at their disposal.


  • Positioning outside buildings with high accuracy
  • Location information can be transmitted on alarms and other occasions.
  • Fast position determination through special aGPS procedure in Funktel TETRA systems
  • Addition of inductive locating transmitters to the indoor locating function of the Funktel Secury system