Emergency Services and Public Authorities

Professional communication for guaranteed communication and quick help guidance

Effectively preventing danger in the workfield

In Germany, the authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) designate institutions that are entrusted with the prevention of dangers. In general, these forces are also known as "blue light organizations". Typically, these include federal and state police forces, fire and rescue services (including emergency physicians) as well as disaster control and civil defence.

The BOS performs specific tasks for the maintenance and/or restoration of public safety and order.

BOS digital radio is based on the TETRA standard. It is used for communication between the "blue light organisation" facilities. BOS radio is not public and is reserved for these facilities only.

In Austria, too, the term "BOS" (authorities and organizations with security functions) is slowly gaining acceptance. The term is mainly used with the introduction of the new BOS radio system.

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