funktel FM Beacon

ISM band beacon

A lone worker requires rapid assistance in the event of an incident/accident. Once an emergency call has been triggered by the GSM personal emergency signal device, the location of the incident/accident must be transmitted to the first responders immediately so that no time is wasted in needlessly searching entire buildings or the factory site. The FM Beacon provides this precise localisation information.

For this purpose, the beacon is permanently installed and transmits an identifier at intervals of seconds. As soon as one of the GSM personal emergency signal devices is within range, it stores the identifier and forwards this together with the emergency call message to the alarm control centre in the event of an emergency. The location of the incident/accident is indicated and is forwarded to the rescue services by means of a plain text message.


  • Beacon with internal antenna
  • Small and compact design
  • Power-independent thanks to battery operation, cable-free installation
  • Transmitter power can be set at 8 levels on the device
  • Transmission of a “battery low” signal
  • Can be parameterised by means of an FM service stick
  • Intuitive operability and start-up
  • Optionally upgradeable
  • System detection in the case of adjacent installations