funktel FM6

Certified GSM Personal emergency signal device with localisation function

The new FM6 GSM PES device is the ideal solution for the safeguarding of personnel in hazardous solitary workplaces. In an emergency, the device alerts an alarm control centre when a pushbutton alarm is pressed or when a will-independent (automatic) alarm such as a position, no-movement, fall, flight or time alarm is triggered by the integrated sensor systems. In the process, precise localisation information is transferred so that assistance can be provided to the casualty swiftly and in a targeted manner. The localisation function, using a built-in ISM band radio module, is especially noteworthy as this also assures that an alarm can be provided in areas that do not have GSM coverage.

  • Personal safety and voice communication in a single device
  • Certified for use by lone workers in hazardous workplaces in accordance with DIN VDE V0825-11, DGUV 212-139 (in conjunction with funktel alarm control point)
  • Transmission via 4G/LTE
  • Alarm notification in the event of the absence of a GSM connection by means of an additionally integrated ISM radio module
  • Voice-activated user prompting (multi-lingual)
  • for logon and sensor test
  • Integrated personal emergency signal functions
    • Pushbutton alarm (will-dependent/manual)
    • Position, no-movement, flight and time alarm (will-independent/automatic)
    • Alarm transmission to funktel alarm control centre
  • Pre-alarm, individually parameterisable
  • Localisation functions
    • By means of FM localisation beacon
    • Outdoor localisation by means GPS/A-GPS
    • Loud aural localisation (loudspeaker)
  • Alarm can also be relayed via ISM band by means of funktel Repeater, Wallbox, Gateway or Switch in the absence of a GSM network
  • Three freely programmable direct dialling buttons
  • Can be operated with gloved hands
  • Speaker and hands-free function, vibrating alarm
  • Robust industrial housing (drop tested), IP65 protection class (dust tight and water tight against light-pressure water from any angle)
  • Voice connection set up automatically in the event of an alarm
  • Sensor test when registering or logging on
  • Cyclic life-check with automatic transmission of technical alarms
  • Automatic depleted battery notification to control centre.
  • Manual emergency call triggering, even if the device is switched off
  • Emergency call triggering in the event of failure to use the device (daily “I’m OK” function)
  • Muting function for holdup scenarios
  • Monitoring of GSM coverage